Climate Change and Adaptation

Vegetables Seed distrebustin IGA The south west area of Bangladesh is very risk for climate change. Some environmental hazards are directly spreading the food security and livelihoods of the people in this area day by day. At present the main threats of sustainable livelihood and food security has been created by the climate change. Not only are these, the problems in this area controlled by increasing the hazards of climate change. In 2009 cyclone Aila affected this area and destroyed huge amount of live stocks, houses, human lives etc. After Aila saline water are available everywhere. As a result agriculture activities are not seen in this area. We want to start paddy cultivation, live stocks -agricultural product in their yard or their small field. They cannot get pure drinking water. After cyclone Aila SAMS has done something for the Aila affected Munda people. SAMS has bought some lands and built their houses. We settled 100 families in our new five villages from Koyra (Khulna) and Gabura (Shyamnagar). We think if we support them, then they cultivate various vegetables, trees and they prepared a nursery in their small field.

Rainwater preservation Tank for drink.