Centuries and centuries of caste discrimination have reduced the 45 tribal groups living in Bangladesh to a life of deprivation and humiliation. And this to such an extent that today’s tribal people (adibashi) are confined to a sort of handicapped existence where induced superstition and social discrimination have undermined their own strength, cultural values and traditions. At the margins of main stream society, the adibashi of Bangladesh often live at sub-human level. The Munda are one of the 45 tribal groups referred to above. Known by different names, they are often referred to, derogatively, as untouchable, kuli, sordar. scheduled caste, forest people, etc. Illiteracy, dire poverty, malnutrition etc. are some of the problems they suffer from. These have on the other hand given rise to another series of social problems like alcoholism and children marriage etc. SAMS was created in 2003 with the precise intent to do something for the Munda and bring them into mainstream development. Made up by young Munda people, SAMS dreams of an equal and just society where the Munda people may occupy an honoured place recognised in their cultural diversity, worthy and active citizens of Bangladesh. SAMS believes that freedom from exploitation at all levels may come about only if the Munda themselves get organised in a spirit of solidarity. SAMS may thus be the beginning of the Munda’s re-birth to a full human life. SAMS has got the permission from Social Welfare Ministry in 2008 and its Reg. No is Sat-975/08


Establishment of equality, where all people will live with equal human dignity and rights.


To rebuild the spiritual world of cultural and religious values of the Munda in order to do away with untouchables, caste discrimination, and poverty.


To free the human dignity of all Adibashi people, to awaken them to a world of justice and peace and dignity.

SAMS Actions

To work against poverty; To create job opportunities; To organise cooperative credit unions; To salvage Munda culture and language through the creation of cultural groups; To fight illiteracy and raise the literacy rate of the Munda; To give awareness on Munda social problems (alcoholism, children marriages, discrimination against women etc.); To give a sense of our own value and dignity against and beyond caste discrimination etc..


SAMS strongly believes in a participatory approach. The targeted people of SAMS concern are also the main actors of their own development. SAMS’ role is only that of being a help to the development which must come from the people themselves. SAMS may gather resources, point them out, give awareness etc. but the actual development work must be directed and carried out by the people themselves. Only in this way development may be sustainable.

Specific Objectives:

a. Build self-confidence in the backwards and neglected poor, distressed people, landless people, people who are day laborers from the ethnic/indigenous community.

b. Establish the fundamental rights of the backwards community and the children and creationg awareness regarding their duties and responsibilities as citizens.

c. Sccept school dropout children and the young aduldt family members in the backwards community and giving them practical education through institutional and semi-institutional education system.

d. Involve the lower income people in income increasing activities by providing them modern professional training and helping them increase their earning.

e. Create awareness regarding personal hygiene. Ensure arsenic free safe water and healthy toilet.

f. Implement programs to resist narcotics, smuggling, violence against women and other unsocial activities.

g. Create awareness among selected rural people. Creating awareness regarding legal issues and provide legals assistance if required.

h. Mass awareness about climate change and adaptation of coastal area people and also indigenous people of South-West part of Bangladesh.

i. Promote indigenous language and cultural believes.

j. Ensure water and sanitation of indigenous people of South-West part of Bangladesh.

k. Ensure human rights/indigenous rights for marginalized people of coastal area. l. Celebrate different national and international holidays

Legal Status

Sl noAuthorityReg. NoDate
1Social Welfare DepartmentSat- 97530-09-2008
2NGO Affairs Bureau264616-06-2011
04Vat Tax1507105345706-05-2015

Furnish the list of policy/procedure document/manual in the following table

Si. NoName of the Mannual/ PolicyPrepared/ Last updated
1Organizational Mannual2010
2Staffs Mannual2010
3Financial Management(FM)2010
4Enhanched Due Deligence2019
5Whichel policy2019

Management of SAMS

General Body: The Tribal/Indigenous person who has attained and subscribes to the objects of the organization is eligible to become a General Member of the organization may be considered as the General Member if he/she shows written interests and the founder members at initial stage and the Executive Committee at the next approve through the general or Executive Committee Meetings with the condition of vacancy. The Executive committee shall in its absolute discretion, determine by Two-Third (5) majority all questions regarding membership and its decision shall be final. A General Member when gets admitted to the general membership of the Organization shall pay an admission fee and membership every months.

Executive Committee: The General Committee through the election/selection process at Annual General Meeting (AGM) will elect members of Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee will be elected by the founder members and General Member in a general meeting for a period of 2 (tow) years. Meeting An Executive committee (EC) consisting of 1 Chairperson, 1 Vice-Chairperson, 1 General Secretary, 1 Vice-General Secretary, 1 Treasurer and 2 Executive members shall control the management of the Organization. The Executive Director will be working as the member secretary as an Ex-Officio.

SL NoNameFather’s NameDesignationOccupationContact Number
1Gopal Chandra MundaLate. Baidda Nath MundaChairmanEmployee01740-972809
2Ramprosad SarderUday Kumar SarderVice-ChairmanPrivate Service01920-759297
3Krishnapada MundaAkhil Chandra MundaGeneral SecretarySocial Worker01914-274279
4Dhirendra Nath SarderNagendra Nath SarderVice-General SecretaryBusiness01916-336264
5Monotosh Kumar MundaPanchanon MundaTreasurerEmployee01724-004335
6Konika Bala MundaAshudeb MundaMemberEmployee01946-539033
7Monzila MundaKhagen MundaMemberHouse Wife

Head Office

Post Office: Kadamtala
Post Code:9455
Telephone:+88 01914274279, +88 01788373705
E-mail:info@samsbd.org, Krishna_grande@yahoo.com
Contact person:Krishnapada Munda, Executive Director- SAMS
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