Executive Committee: The General Committee through the election/selection process at Annual General Meeting (AGM) will elect members of Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee will be elected by the founder members and General Member in a general meeting for a period of 2 (tow) years. Meeting An Executive committee (EC) consisting of 1 Chairperson, 1 Vice-Chairperson, 1 General Secretary, 1 Vice-General Secretary, 1 Treasurer and 2 Executive members shall control the management of the Organization. The Executive Director will be working as the member secretary as an Ex-Officio.

SL No Name Father’s Name Designation Occupation Contact Number
1 Gopal Chandra Munda Late. Baidda Nath Munda Chairman Employee 01740-972809
2 Nilima Munda Ruhidas Munda Vice-Chairman Private Service 01627-743193
3 Krishnapada Munda Akhil Chandra Munda General Secretary Social Worker 01914-274279
4 Phonindra Munda Late. Shayapada Munda Vice-General Secretary Business 01927-402194
5 Monotosh Kumar Munda Panchanon Munda Treasurer Employee 01724-004335
6 Anandini Munda Chitta Munda Member House Wife 01906-687411
7 Monzila Munda Khagen Munda Member House Wife 01983-123656

Curriculum Vita  of  Executive Director

Krishnapada Sarder

Personal information:

Date of Birth

: 20 December, 1985  


: Bangladeshi

Indigenous Community

: Munda


: krishna_grande@yahoo.com


: +88 01914274279

Current Address

: Village: Burigoalini, P.O . Kalbari, P.S. Shyamnagar, Satkhira,   Bangladesh, 9455

Brief profile:

(a) Representative of Sundarban Adivasi Munda Sangastha (SAMS), whose mission is to rebuild the spiritual and social world with cultural and religious values of the Munda peoples in order to do away with the discrimination against untouchables, cast based discrimination and as well as poverty.

(b) Redaction of the Munda Barta (This news letter emphasis on the SAMS activities, any incidents of our area on Indigenous community, Indigenous Human Rights, our cultural activities, education, food security and climate change issues etc.), a newspaper published by SAMS and diffused among Munda villages in Sundarban area.

© Thesis at Khulna University, Department of Economic Studies: “Causes, Consequences of and remedies to poverty of the tribal Munda’s of the Sundarban Forest”.

Employment History:

At present, I work in Sundarban Adibasi Munda Sangastha (SAMS) as an Executive Director. SAMS has been established in 2003. In 2008, the Association has been registered at the Social Welfare Ministry and at the NGO Affair Bureau Bangladesh in 2011.

Focus areas of my organization’s work:

  • Education for indigenous children with a special attention on Munda children,
  • Water and Sanitation,
  • Climate Change Issues in relation to indigenous and forest dependent communities,
  • Social Forestation,
  • Food Security,
  • Activities that promote and protect best practices in Munda language & cultures.

Academic Profile:

Name of Examination

Name of Institution

Year of Completion





Kalbari Nekjania High School






Munshigonj Degree College





B.S.S (Hons)

Khulna University


Khulna University



Skills and Training:

(a) Microsoft word, Excel, SPSS.

(b) Swift writing (Bengali and English).  

(c) Internet Browsing (Visit and Download).  

(d) Received training on Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, Climate Change issues, Food Security, Integrated Holistic Approach of Development, Documentation and Reporting etc.


 (a) SADRI, (b) Bengali, (c) English.