Water tank distribution for community people

Water and sanitation issues are very important for the indigenous and Dalit people of South-West part of Bangladesh. Actually the indigenous and Dalit people have no strong hygenie systems because they are economically weak. The indigenous and Dalit people are disadvantaged and they follow their community process which is not healthy. So, SAMS is working about this issue for the indigenous and Dalit people of Sundarban areas. Pure drinking water crisis is increasing day by day in Sundarban coastal areas. Cyclone Aila hit the coastal area in May 25, 2009. Aftern cyclone Aila most of the drinking water sources destroyed. The people of coastal areas are dependable on Pond and PSF (Pond Sand Filter). Anyway, government and non-government organizations (NGOs) are trying to improve about pure driniing water. SAMS is also working about the water and sanitation for long time. SAMS also provide the water Dram to reserve the rain water during the monsoon period. The water Drams are 2000 liters capacity and a small family get pure drinking water for one year. This system save their time and get healthy. At present salinity increasing day by day and shrimp farming also increasing in our areas. Most of land owners are interested about Shrimp farming. The poor family and marginalized people are faced the lack of working opportunity at our areas.