Community Education Support

community is a small part of Indigenous groups whose has their own mother language named SADRI. All the Munda people communicate among them by this SADRI language. The little children could not speak Bengali language fluently. As a result SAMS has started Community Tutition Support Program (CTSP) with the help of Fr. Luigi Paggi S.X. from 2003. Under the Shyamnagar and Tala Upazila there are about 28 Mundapara and we have 14 Community Tuition School Program (CSP). Primary level students are come to school twice a day and they also go to Govt. Primary School. The little children or Munda students could not understand Bengali language so they prepare their lesson under this CSP School by their own language. Our community teachers are Munda because, they adjustment with Bengali language and SADRI language. Under this project SAMS provided education materials for the Primary Munda students. 

SADRI Language Practice Center & Community Tutition School with Student